Standard Farm Starbrite's Farm + Farmer Progress Thread


I thought this would be a fun idea after reading through other people's progress threads! :) Unfortunately this isn't from the start of my playthorugh, but I'm still in year 1 and in Autumn! This will be my third save file, and I'm learning how to decorate better and have a more productive farm.

The farm itself:

Screenshot (1168).png

I've never used pathing before in any of my previous save files, so it's a process seeing what looks best! I am planning to expand the coops/barns next and then buy one more of each to situate right beneath the fencing under the already existing coops/barns. I also plan on adding a tree orchid for both trees with taps + fruit trees. Fish ponds will also be added at some point. The end result of this farm looks prettier in my head than it does right now in these screenshots, I promise haha.


I am going for a cozy feel with my house! I want it to feel relaxing after a long day of work for my farmer. This character is kinda based off me, so she adopted a couple of animals since she likes animals like I do! I'm planning on getting married soon to either Sam or Sebastian so I want it to be a nice place for them to move in to too.

Screenshot (1169).png

Screenshot (1170).png

Again, I want a cozy feel for all interiors. I had no idea until this playthrough that you could place cheese presses/mayo machines inside of farm buildings, so now I am making better use of my space by putting them inside with the animals. It's really helping a lot better with the space I have on my farm lol. Sheds are also a life saver on space! Everything is less cluttered and so much better.

That's all for now! I'll probably have a wedding update next~. Maybe~ haha. I'm still so undecided on Sam or Sebastian!!! They're both at 6 hearts I believe, I haven't asked either of them to be my farmer's bf yet, but she likes Sam because of his more outgoing personality. But now Sebastian is coming out of his shell so decisions are hard to make :laugh:



It has been a while, but Starbrite farm is doing awesome and so is my farmer! :D

After my last update she finally asked Sam to be her boyfriend. It wasn't too hard for her to pick someone out of the eligible bachelors since Sam was fun and uplifting to be around. He also mentioned he wanted to help out at the farm whenever she needed help and none of the other bachelors had offered, so that kind of sealed the deal for her.
(after giving him flowers, which is why he mentioned his allergies lol)
Screenshot (1179).png

Screenshot (1180).png

He asks her to hang out a little bit more now, they go into the mines together a lot more, and he's always got her back!

As Autumn went on, my farmer did some pretty interesting requests for the villagers of Stardew.
(you ok there Pam? lol)
Screenshot (1216).png

With all the money she's making from crops, jellies, and mayonnaise/cheeses, she started upgrading her coops and barns. At one point she forgot to put a heater in for the animals before winter started, so the poor animals were very cold and unhappy... a day without eggs and with grouchy animals made her remember to rush to Marnie's ASAP. Luckily, Marnie was there for once, so the animals were happier with heat being pumped into their enclosures.

Winter is still on-going so currently she's clearing out the farm, crafting beehouses, and mining for much needed coal. Even in the snow, Sam still tags along occasionally. She forgot he was there one time and dug through the trash right in front of him, to his disgust. Luckily giving him Joja Cola right after that unfortunate incident made him forget it all LOL.
Screenshot (1289).png

The neighborhood grouch, aka Shane, happened to wander by one evening after fishing, and said a line that almost made me spit out my water.
Screenshot (1293).png

Screenshot (1294).png

Sebastian also had a birthday party, of sorts! He mentioned his birthday to my farmer, but tried not to make it such a big deal. It was Sam who told her about it again and invited her to hang out to play one of Sebastian's favorite games late into the night. His parents + Maru had a party for him earlier, but Sebastian seemed happier with his friends + my farmer. He had been warming up to her in the fall, and even asked her to visit and check out one of his projects.
Screenshot (1300).png

Screenshot (1181).png

After getting to know Sam's friends better and having to deal with the first few days of winter in Stardew, my farmer finally finished up upgrading both the barn and the big coop! She also made her bedroom prettier, and adopted a few more animals~. Next time, she'll be adding a second barn and coop and making her farm prettier :)
Screenshot (1298).png



You should! :D It's so much fun! Yes, I can post a full mod list :) I just screenshot'd my SMAPI log for all of them because it's so long (189 mods) lol.

Portrait mods:

(**you need a naver account to download them. Please Google an English translation for step by step instructions. To download them click 첨부파일 by the folder icon near the title of the mod (it's on the bottom right of the mod title). Then click on 내PC 저장 by the name of the character you want (ie. Sam.png). For other download instructions/help see this post.

Other mods found on Nexus (might need to click and zoom in to see them all!)
Screenshot (1415).png

Screenshot (1416).png

Screenshot (1417).png

Screenshot (1418).png

Screenshot (1419).png

** Mods that are portrait sprites and the bathhouse retexture + recolor are personal CP mods I made from other mods on Naver, so they're not available out of respect for the original mod author.

@Quillmagic I forgot to tag you so you could see them all lol.
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