Raising slimes - why?


Because I can :cool:

There is not much profit in raising them in the slime hutch, but you can breed them if you find more eggs, and see what colors you can get.

And the interactions with the villagers are kinda cool, if you breed them in the village. I wouldn't recommend that if you don't have the ring, though. Otherwise they might get annoying.


1. Because people are bored/want to do everything in the game.
2. Because some people like the idea of raising slimes and think they're cool
3. People want the loot that some slimes happen to drop occasionally.
I personally don't raise slimes in my save files, but it doesn't mean I'm against the idea entirely! Your farm is a place to be happy, so if raising slimes makes you happy, go for it!


You can put the incubators anywhere - just be mindful of the villagers walking path, because they can destroy it.


I had no idea you could breed them outside of a hutch! I do have the slime ring, and would appreciate some more info on breeding them in the village :)
If you really wanna go nuts, clear out the quarry, lay down flooring everywhere, put up some fencing so the bridge is blocked off, and hatch your slimes there 🙃


Why slimes? Because you wake up one morning, snuggle the baby, chase the toddler and head outside to greet your darling husband, Sebastian. “Hey, you know what could be fun for us?” He says. “Raising slimes.” Well, whatever baby wants, baby gets, so you make an egg press and head to Robin’s to build a slime hutch. She doesn’t even ask about her grandchildren. You press some eggs, manage to hatch several colors but come home every night covered in slime and little bites. Who knew those suckers had such sharp teeth! You walk into the hutch one evening after harvesting wheat and forget you’re wielding your scythe. In seconds half your herd is gone. The rest of the slimes are pissed. You finally drag yourself back home, bruised, bloodied, and stinking of slime. Trust me, it reeks. Sebastian smiles and says, “Hey, you know what we would enjoy? More colors of slimes.” You stare at him, unblinking, and decide to chop off that stupid swoop of hair with your lava katana while he is sleeping. Why did you ever think that twee, tortured emo boy act was cute?

Don’t raise slimes.