New bundles, expanding the town and new locations.


Although the island adventuring is like acnh, I think in stardew valley could have each island produce a specific fruit or purpose. Maybe a bundle at each island that you could fill with things the island produces all year round. Or new gems available.


Having more shops in Pelican Town makes no sense from an economy standpoint.
In fact, Joja having a supermarket in Pelican Town already makes no sense at all.
I have lived in a village with around 40 citizens before, and all we had was a church, a bar/restaurant and a local supermarket (yes, we had no school).
For everything else, you had to go to the nearby cities.
Pelican Town already has too many shops for its size.
I know that they are required because, unlike in real-life, you cannot simply add several bigger cities to the videogame to make it more realistic.

What would be nice however, is if more villagers get added to Pelican Town.
The map actually has quite a large amount of dead, unused space.
In the Stardew Valley Expanded mod for example, this space is used to add more villagers.


If your looking at it from an economical stand point then yes I agree with you but for the purpose of game play I think it would be a nice addition. Even if it is a little unrealistic.