My old account seemed to have disappeared



I created an account here when I first started playing Stardew Valley last summer. I went off to play other games and came back this month. I couldn't find my account. I finally created a new account using the same email address.

Did the forums get reset or am I losing my mind? Still.


Staff member
These forums are only a month old. You're probably remembering making an account on the Chucklefish forums (Stardew's mobile publisher), they have a Stardew section there. So nothing reset, but now there are these forums which are owned by ConcernedApe. If you made an account on the CF forums it will still be there, as is the Stardew section.

Hope that answers your question :)


Ah ok. My account was created around April 2019 so it must have been on the old forums. It seems like it looked the same and I had the same avatar. No worries. Just making sure I wasn't losing it!