Marriage Candidates


Hey! I was wondering, how did you find your soulmate in Stardew Valley? Like, when did you know? Also, what are some of the reasons you chose your husband or wife? I'll go first!
Ok, brace yourselves for a Shane rant...
Shane is just so sweet. He's mean at first, but he is so nice when you get to know him. And I love the fact that (even though he doesn't stop drinking beer at the Saloon) your love can help rehabilitate him and inspire him to be sober. His marriage dialogue is so bittersweet because he expresses how much he thought nobody would ever love him and that just melts my heart. I also think that Sebastian is a lot like Shane... Comment down below what you think! My "moment" was when I saw Shane outside of my home, cuddling with his chicken. ADORABLE. I love how he's not afraid to show his "soft" side. I just... Ok, I'm gonna shut up now and let you guys take over :wink::happy:


Well... Sebastian. Which, honestly, is surprising, considering how I didn't like him at first. I thought he was too "edgy" for me, and I just didn't really run into him that much. But when I got to know him better, the layers of unfriendliness peeled away to reveal a sweet person who cared about your character and showed great character development. For me, my "moment" was when he invited me to play Solarion Chronicles. Really cool heart event. And, if you start dating him, all of his sweet dialogue could be considered my "moment". :laugh:


I found myself flipping between Sam and Sebastian at first tbh! I liked the way Sebastian looked and we have a similar career in common + we're both introverted so I naturally gravitated towards him... but then Sam came along with his bright personality and I loved his positive energy. But the more I got to know Sebastian the more he opened up and turned out to be a really sweet person, so it made choosing between them very hard!!!! In my first playthrough which was mostly using vanilla dialogue I went for Seb because of our similar personalities, hobbies, etc, so I think he's the true winner in the end. My "moment" for Sebastian was when he started talking about how he codes websites and how no one takes it seriously and some days he just doesn't want to hang out (nothing personal, you just don't sometimes) and I felt that because it was similar to my situation + 100% my personality. Then he's so nerdy and cute with his board game! Then he gave me coffee one day when I came to visit him so I was smitten lol. The way he warms up to people is just cute.


I’m legitimately old irl and in my first save was put off by how young some of the marriage candidates seemed. My oldest is 19 and a lot of the NPCs seem pretty close to that age. So I was first drawn to Harvey, Elliot, Leah and Clint. Quickly realized Clint was not a marriage candidate, in more ways than one, and pursued the others. But as my farmer developed her own personality, separate from my own, I chased after everyone. Even when it was obvious Harvey was too timid and Maru to much like my own kids. Soon, I was vacillating between Elliot and Sebastian. Sebastian’s 6 heart event is one of the best and there is something sweet about the way he opens up as you get to know him. Elliot is always nice with funny 2 heart event. Plus, he dedicates a book to you! In the end, Elliot won my farmer’s heart. It wasn’t a specific heart event or dialogue. He was just the one my farmer was always happy to see.

Maybe next time I’ll post about my 2nd farmers love of Sebastian. Now that’s an interesting marriage.


My first save, I choose Alex for no apparent reason. He just seemed to be a good choice. I have read many posts like this and reasons to choose people. I had never heard of anyone choosing Harvey. My own character tends to look a little like me: I have gray hair and wear glasses. Then it occurred to me: Harvey is a doctor! What better choice for someone who is close to "my age". Plus our characters look a little alike. I was curious how it would change his behaviors and what the differences in what they might say to me. So we look like a good couple together with our big glasses.
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