Keychain's SDV Art Thread (mostly Abigail)


I'm a big fan of your art as always, facial expressions really pop and I think it's stylistically very suited to SDV characters. My favourite is probably the Fall 13 one, but if I had to identify one or two things that I particularly liked, it's the attention to detail in a style that (perhaps) rewards simplicity - how Abby is throwing her bow in the air in the 1.4 release picture (to mirror the farmer's hat) and The Pendant around her neck in the new years' celebration.

And yes, the goose picture is very charming.

The straw hat, though. I hope you don't mind me saying I despise it =P. The first thing I thought when I lost the egg festival in my most recent save was, "Well, at least the stupid hat isn't going to clog up my inventory/chests for the next YEAR."

Magically Clueless

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i miss seeing your work from the other forums! that was how i knew you before we ever were in the discord!

lovely work as always! i love your full works with the backgrounds especially, which i noticed you've been doing a lot more. i look forward to more!