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Fantasy Elements is a project of mine, and i jus read up through my own topic and have seen that i already mentioned it
i hav so many things i want to draw but like
*focuses on Fantasy Elements, the project that doesn't Quite have a goal*

not quite a finished picture
thinking i shoulda made it a gif?
only got
vague ideas for what im doing with this
gotta sit and stare at it for a while​


another day but not another dollar

. . . i rly wanna do some hphm and stardew fanart . . .
its just the whole
getting started thing
and i jus
love my own characters too much to ever draw fanart tbh

did a decent amount of stuff for Fantasy Elements !

redrew this part from it

the original felt kinda stiff?
and then there's two new parts,ones another square
i kinda like them more when they aren't square but instead r
long bois

im probably going to redraw this next one actually