In Stardew Valley 1.5, there will be splitscreen co-op!


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Saw this and got rather excited. Now I feel as flat as a pancake. Me and the Mrs were quite looking forward to playing split screen on PS4.
Can't believe everything you read on the internet I'm afraid. Just so you and others know, Stardew updates get a PC release date pretty close to launch, and then generally there's no announcement for consoles and mobile until the update is available on each of those platforms. We'll of course be posting any news about 1.5 here on the forums, and you can also follow CA on twitter for game updates.


See? This is why I have questions. 😉😘😝

lilan, that means having to get dedicated extra equipment, not something most will expect without a head's up.

And Ereo, wouldn't that just be defeating the purpose of split-screen? The purpose is generally for multiplayer on one device.
Its so you can see the other players, not to control up to 4.


Okay... playing on PC, I'm trying to figure out how this splitscreen thing would work. I mean... how are folks controlling 4 different characters with 1 mouse and 1 keyboard? Platforms I understand because they have multiple controllers plugged into one box. I mean, I've played Goldeneye, ffs. It's the PC splitscreen I don't get.
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