I think Sebastian might want me to leave.


Seb said the same thing to me the day I went to propose. So I waited until Friday night at the saloon to propose In front of everyone. I’m sure he loved being the center of attention. He said “yes” anyway. Almost like he had no choice.

Lew Zealand

that line is so funny. i feel dense because i never took it that way, i was just like, "wow i bet it is nice!" *continues standing there*
'Alone' has a fluid definition. I always took it to be that one's thoughts about the vast opportunity and complexity of the bountiful sea can be appreciated 10 billion different ways by a roughly equivalent number of people and therefore we have no choice but to be alone with each one of our mental oceans.

Doesn't prevent us from snuggling up to a cute someone else while doing that though, does it?


When I first heard that, I just moved a few feet away and continued fishing. Only because I get it. I would like to enjoy the ocean alone myself :p

Seriously though, I do find the ocean to be calming IRL so...