Hi Everyone!


I've been playing a little bit on and off for the past few months but starting to play more seriously now and build my farm! Any new comer tips are much appreciated as it feels a little overwhelming starting out. For example, when I have to find new people for missions is there a trick besides just wandering til you find them? Thanks yall!


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Hiya! Welcome to the forums. Each Npc has a fixed schedule that they follow, but a lot of npcs visit the Saloon at night after 8pm so you can always check there. Just try to remember npcs by their name and where they live at first. You'll get better at remembering their schedule as you play more!

Magically Clueless

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Welcome! I agree with what the others said, and you really do get a knack for everyone's schedules the more you play. After I do my chores, I normally come across most people save for a couple, like Harvey and Elliott.

It may seem overwhelming at first, but one great thing is that there are no time limits :) go at your own pace!


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Welcome! The in game map lists where everyone lives, so if you get out early enough you can usually catch them while they're still at home in the morning. As others have said, the wiki (https://stardewvalleywiki.com/) is a great resource, although beware it contains many spoilers. And great username :)