Help with Y1


Long story short, me and my friend have started a new farm and are currently in spring. we've been trying our best to get the community centre finished ASAP.

We have all the fish that you can get through spring and have finished the foraging and crop bundles.

Does anybody else we can do throughout spring? (we have 4 days left)


I'd probably just focus on mining or getting some fishing/iridium bar money at this point. Probably mining > money, for a lot of sprinklers for summer season, so I could skyrocket the income.
If you wanna try really hard for the early CC, you could build a coop and a barn early for the animal produces, getting a duck feather, rabbit foot, and large items takes some time, so the earlier you build them and get your first animals, the better.
Can't think of anything better than these things, later it's all about scaling sprinklers and getting all the bundles items you need. Good luck ^^

Magically Clueless

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i'm not the best minmaxer so i can't really say exactly for spring, but i would definitely fish as much as possible to get the money for the bus if you can. likewise the boiler room is pretty easy and i would just go down in the mines as far as you can if you haven't gotten to the bottom yet. getting fire quartz (if it's required) is a bit of a gamble but not that rare, while void/solar essence just requires fighting a bunch of 80+ floor level monsters and everything else comes pretty quickly