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Hi there! Be sure to read our rules if you haven't!

The Help & Bug Reports forum is for reporting bugs you encountered in Stardew Valley or getting help with a technical problem you're having. Be sure to make a thread here if you come across an issue!

With that being said, keep these guidelines in mind-

-Make sure your issue is not related to a mod. This forum is for vanilla bug reports only. If you've made sure your bug is not a mod problem, please post in this forum! If it is a mod issue, however, we're more than happy to help you in Mod Support!
-Look through other topics to make sure your bug isn't mentioned. If you see a thread that has a same problem as you, you should add on to that thread with your information! However, multiple threads of the same issue is allowed, it is just more convenient to keep similar topics in the same area.
-Specify your platform and type of report. When you create a thread, you can add a prefix and choose from a list of supported platforms. This will help your report be as clear as it can be! If you're asking for help, have "HELP" somewhere in your title and likewise for "BUG". The moderators will change your title to help out just to be sure!
-Give as much information as you can! The more detail, even if it might be minor to you, the better. It's always helpful to specify the type of PC you're using if you have PC version, and what you were doing before and during your encounter with the bug.

Are you having problems with your game?
Try out these links:
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Thank you for reading!
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