Decorated My Nintendo Switch!


Totally not SDV related, but I bought a really cute skin for my Switch that I wanted to share :D. The print quality is really good and it's made of a really durable, nice vinyl. I had to reapply the skin twice because I'm really terrible about sticking stickers for some reason, but none of the paint or logo from the Switch was pulled off. The paw grips are really durable too and make it easier for me to use the joysticks tbh. I'm really glad I decided to customize my Switch because tbh I got tired of looking at the same boring grey color whenever I played haha.



For anyone interested, I bought everything from :)

Has anyone else skin'd their Switch, laptop, ps4 controller, etc? I would love to see other people's skins or changed components :D


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That's a cute design! I don't have stickers or skins on any of my devices so I don't have anything to share, but I'd definitely like to see what other people have!