Art cozy's SDV art thread


h e n l o a l l
i have many stardew-related arts, mostly involving my farmer and elliott. i didn't expect to get into this game as much as i did so i didn't make any Cool OCs like most folks, my farmer's basically just Me, but i still have a lot of fun with her.
apologies In Advance for the long post, i got lotsa arts. so many art. this isn't even all of it but a few have Swear Words and i don't wanna break any rules :'> i will reply with more art if i make more.
e n j o y !


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your art is amazing, i love it! YOUR LINES ARE SO CLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAN
the ones with the kids are my favorite, the arson one made me laugh out loud oh my god


Ahhhhhhhh!! Your art is everything I want mine to be! Such good lines, and posing and colors and lighting! You're really amazing!


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Cute style! Thank you for sharing!
this isn't even all of it but a few have Swear Words and i don't wanna break any rules :'>
As long as it's not directed at someone else here, swear words are fine :)


These artworks are so nice. I wish I could create one. What application did you use to create these arts?
I use Adobe Photoshop 2020, and i draw with a wacom intuos 5 tablet! fancy tools can definitely help, but they wont carry your art all by themselves. build up your art skill! it will take a long time but if you don't give up and always try to improve, you will! :heart:

also! i have new art. it's only a 'meet the farmer' meme tho ; u ; i haven't been drawing a lot lately, but i see these on tumblr from time to time and wanted to take a crack at one! thank you so much everybody for all the love, also! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Wow! Your art is amazing! You have the skills of an artist and obviously worked hard for them. I hope to see more of your art on here. Or I just probably follow you on instagram.