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All of you have great ideas! However, before you make a topic explaining your idea, it's a good idea to check through the forum to make sure no one else has said it yet. I decided to compile a list of common game suggestions from this forum and its status so you can keep up to date with everything going on and contribute your ideas.

You're welcome to comment on this thread if there are other common game suggestions you think should be added to this list! Additionally, if you have any sources from the developers (ConcernedApe and Mr.Podunkian) regarding any of these suggestions, please let me know here so I can update the thread! I would like this list to be as accurate as possible.

Please remember: just because a developer likes a game suggestion does not mean it will be added in future updates!

List key:
[Unknown] - no comment on if this suggestion is acknowledged for future updates or not
[Unlikely] - this suggestion may not appear in future updates due to a developer's comments or another game update
[Interested] - a developer has expressed interest in the suggestion
[Confirmed] - a developer confirmed this suggestion will be added in a future game update


NPC/World Additions
- kids getting older/helping with the farm/developing personalities (CA recognizes it's a popular suggestion and is thinking about it - Twitter post from June 9, 2020)
[Unknown] - dates and activities after marriage/more marriage interactions
[Unknown] - more events for NPCs
[Unknown] - more dialogue for NPCs
[Unknown] - setting up other NPCs to marry one another
[Unknown] - current NPCs added as marriage candidates
[Unlikely] - Krobus as a marriage candidate (Krobus was added as an available roommate in the 1.4 edition. While platonic, Krobus is treated like a marriage candidate and provides the same benefits. It's unlikely he will be marriageable. - Link to wiki, spoilers ahead)
- farmer's birthday
[Unknown] - Zuzu City as an area you can explore
[Unlikely] - Linus helping you out on the farm/getting a house (Linus's 8-heart event, added in the 1.3 version of the game, makes this addition unlikely - Link to wiki, spoilers ahead)
- Seasonal outfits and portraits for NPCs

Technical Changes/ Gameplay Additions
Interested] - enabling cross platform gameplay (not likely, but interested in looking into it- Twitter post from September 4, 2018)
[Unlikely] - local co-op (technical problems make this unlikely to happen - Twitter post from May 28, 2020)
[Confirmed] - ability to remove cribs (There will be a way to remove cribs - Reddit post from May 17, 2020)
[Unknown] - ability to place furniture outside
[Unlikely] - multiplayer on mobile (technical barriers with mobile version makes this unlikely to be implemented- Twitter post from May 17, 2020)
[Unknown] - riverland farm getting buffed
[Unknown] - catching bugs
[Unknown] - displaying fish and other creatures
[Unknown] - optional hard mode

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Latest edit: 7/7/2020, added NPC seasonal outfits suggestion
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