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Storm Eagle

I'd really like to thank those developers who have added combat related mods to SDV. It has given me a chance to experience "balancing" a video game via turning key mods on and off and mixing and matching different weapons, rings, protective gear, and buffs. Currently pitting almost every other pro-player combat mod (and my skill) against stronger monsters combined with deep woods in a strenuious effort to clear ten deep woods levels before getting nailed. Its even forced me to practice using swords in defensive mode.

Storm Eagle

Nexus Mods has Stardew Valley Expanded (Tempered Galaxy Weapons), Better Slingshots, Wear More Rings, All Professions, Health Bars, and Skull Cavern Elevator on the pro player side. "Anti player" include Stardew Valley Expanded (Crimson Badlands), Stronger & More Random Monsters, and Deep Woods. If you survive, there is Cocktail Bar and Starbrew Valley to celebrate the fact. Note many of these, especially Deep Woods, are late game activities.
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Can you tell me about some? (Ones on moddrop please, I don’t wanna pay money for the mods)
I don't think many (if any) Stardew mods on Nexus cost anything. There are still plenty of reasons you may prefer ModDrop, I just wanted to mention it.