PC [BUG] Freshwater Fish Caught During Fishing Tutorial in the Ocean


Granted, this doesn't happen every time, but I'd say there's about a 50/50 chance of it happening. Basically, if you go fishing for the first time, and it happens to be in the ocean, I've noticed that the first fish is always either a sardine, nothing unusual there... or a sunfish, which is very much a freshwater fish. I've never had the opposite happen when I fish in the river first. There, the first fish is always a sunfish. And the tutorial is the only time that a sunfish can be caught in the ocean. As such, I get the feeling that catching a sunfish as your first fish from the ocean probably isn't supposed to happen. To recreate this, make sure that your first fish is caught in the ocean. If the fish is a sardine, restart the day and try again. Eventually, it should be a sunfish. On a side note, I've never tried fishing for the first time at the forest pond or mountain lake before. Can anyone who has confirm what the first fish always is at those places? If it's a sunfish, then that should probably be changed, since it isn't actually possible to catch one there. I'd suggest another easy-to-catch fish that can be found at these places, like a carp.


Can confirm, happened to me too. First fish caught in the ocean was sunfish. I usually try first time fishing in the ocean or the river, can’t say anything about other places.


Update: I decided to see what would happen if I fished for the first time in the mountain lake. I ended up catching a sunfish. While that is a freshwater fish, it definitely isn't a fish that you can normally catch in the mountain lake. I can only assume that the same thing would've happened if I had fished in the forest pond for the first time. Like I said before, I'd suggest making the first fish at these two locations a carp instead.


This is not a bug but rather intended behaviour. The game is coded to return a sunfish instead if the first "fish" a player would have caught is any of the following:

Seaweed, Green Algae, Sea Cucumber, Super Cucumber, Ghostfish, White Algae, Stonefish, Crimsonfish, Angler, Ice Pip, Lava Eel, Legend, Sandfish, Scorpion Carp, Joja Cola, Trash, Driftwood, Broken Glasses, Broken CD, Soggy Newspaper, Mutant Carp, Sturgeon, Tiger Trout, Tilapia, Chub, Dorado, Albacore, Shad, Lingcod, Halibut, Glacierfish, Void Salmon, Slimejack, Midnight Squid, Spook fish, Blobfish, Flounder, Midnight Carp.

This means it's technically possible to catch one Sunfish anywhere, including the ocean, swamp, bug lair, secret woods, mines, or desert.

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Yeah, I wanted to add that my first fish has been a catfish before (it was an interesting first catch), so I don't think fishing is limited to just 2 fish but the post above me summarized that pretty well-- that's really cool, I didn't know the first fish had specific criteria!

I agree that changing the unobtainable option to be a fish in that habitat would be better, though it'd make the mechanic a bit more specific