A few end-game ideas?


Someone has probably already thought of these, but I thought if I post some of these they might reinforce previous ideas, or that it might inspire some collaboration if others here have ways to make my ideas better.

Anyways, hope this is helpful in some way!


1. Expanding buildings--It's lovely to have the cellar, the green house, and the attic, but it would also be lovely to have the opportunities to make these larger. I find that when I get into the far-endgame, the space that's available just isn't very much anymore. I figure it would be nice to give Robin some more work after we're done expanding other buildings--these expansions might be extremely expensive, but once players have gotten into the millions, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

2. Improving clothing and equipment--Just like we can change the boots with the sewing machine to combine the fashion with the functionality, it would be nice to improve some of the other pieces of armor or clothing with all those nice rings we can buy from the Adventurers Guild or find in any of the mines/caves. For example, I'd love to infuse my helmet with a vampire ring, or my adventuring pants with the slime charmer ring and the savage ring.

I figure doing this would be and end-game thing that the players can hire Clint to do--again, it would be expensive as hell, but the results would be completely worth it. Each kind of item would have a certain number of slots that the rings can be "embedded" into. For example, a sword would have four "gem" slots: one slot for the pommel, one for the hilt, and two for either end of the hand guard. Pants would have two slots: one for each knee, and the rings would be acting as something like knee-pads. Helmets would have one or three, shirts/chest armor could have several more? Players would be able to choose what items are infused with which rings.

3. A Farmer's Market--it would be cool to introduce farmers from other towns, perhaps as a segue into expanding into a larger map that includes other towns or story lines. Or it could even combine into purchasing land from other farmers who are looking to "retire" or "move to the city." (I'm not certain how the extra land will be attached to yours, but maybe there's a new mine cart to purchase from Clint, or you can pay the Wizard to move the land to combine with the farm you already have.)

4. More quests for the Wizard--I'm sure people have expressed an interest in learning magic or becoming the Wizard's apprentice. I found the after-Community Center quest to get the invisible ink bottle back interesting. It might be cool to be able to do some more things like that, and perhaps unlock more magic buildings. Or we could choose if we want to do quests for the Wizard or the Witch? "Training" with one or the other sets you on a specific path for a later storyline that can be expanded in future updates.

5. Match-making--So there are cutscenes with Clint where he's working on asking Emily to go out with him. Each player can only marry one bachelor/bachelorette, so I thought it might be interesting to try encouraging some of the other bachelors/bachelorettes to pursue other significant others in the town (or out, if an expansion to include other towns happens). Maybe this can combine into building more houses in "community upgrades" as the couples you help maybe get married. Then perhaps those couples have kids that your children can interact with at some point in other updates?


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I'd definitely like to see an expansion to the greenhouse in a way that was different than just more spaces to plant crops. I'm not sure exactly what that could be though. And I'm always up for more Wizard-related stuff!

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Cool ideas!

I really like #4!

I want to become a wizard in game! Maybe learn some cool farming spells/make enchanted milk bucket etc. Plus could get a few magic combat moves!! :D