1. Nanny Pixel

    PC [Bug] Slime not registering on collection overview

    Hi! I know there’s a bug that’s similar to this already posted, but wanted to make sure this was included as there are some differences. I have found and donated the slime mineral. I have also sold several hundred of them. It is not registering as found in my mineral collection. I am playing...
  2. Sleepy_Knight

    Android [BUG] Missing Items in Artifacts Collection

    Hi. Both my Nautilus Fossil and Amphibian Fossil are missing from my character's artifact collection! I have collected them repeatedly and have placed them Museum.
  3. Aidan

    Secret Notes in multiplayer

    Hello all, Recently I have started playing with my sisters and they came to my farm. One of them found the Secret Note #10 and it is the last one I am missing. Does anyone know how does work in multiplayer? #10 is only available after completing the quest 'Qi's Challenge' so it's strange she...
  4. Farm Farm

    PC [BUG] Caught fishes don't register in the fish collection.

    Some of the catch in the crab pot aren't recognized in the Fish Collection. In my case, specifically the crab, cockle, mussel, and oyster. I have tried: -shipping them and checking the next day -putting in inventory before ending the day -playing it without the mods (initially played it without...
  5. Mobile [BUG] Artifacts found not showing in collection

    I've been told by someone that this is a "known bug" but I didn't see a thread here for it. The last 4 artifacts I've found are still greyed out in the artifacts collection page. They are sitting in the museum right now. Some of them I have found multiple copies of and sold extras. The ones...