Seasonal Villager Outfits

Content Patcher Seasonal Villager Outfits 2.2.4

2.2.0 fully rewrites the content.json to support CP1.15
  • Adds in more content for NPCS
  • Rewrites many NPCs to follow the new naming convetion
  • Attempts to fix Harvey's mustache during festivals (2.2.4) yet again
- Changes to Shane's sprites, corrects shading
- Fixes manifest issue
- Adds back in two Leah variants
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You can download it as an optional file on Nexus. Includes a bandaid fix for festivals. Harvey's mustache will not work properly on Spirit's Eve. There are known sprite issues with Abigail and Lewis. Redone RFQ content is untested. There will be bugs. Please report any bugs on the Nexus page and make sure to mention that you're using the beta version.

GitHub Mirror
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  • Completes Harvey, moves his mustache to an overlay rather than maintaining two versions
  • Completes Alex
  • Adds in Random Flower King/Queen content
  • Adds in new wedding outfits (these are in a config and are not random)
  • Fixes an issue with Pam's Hug Overlay Sprites
  • Fixes a typo in Portraits/Penny_Summer_Outdoor_Sun_Green.png
  • Fixes an issue with lines 1420 and 1486 to change "spring" to "fall"
  • Removes Pam's cleft pale, originally taken from DSVO that had said edits
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