PPJA - Cannabis Kit

JsonAssets PPJA - Cannabis Kit 2.0.2

Mayor Lewis has recently passed legislation legalizing all aspects of cannabis! Now you can grow, use, and sell your very own weed. Adds a new crop as well as a handful of new recipes and (static) craftables.

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- While functional, there are things I want to add to this mod in the future if I have time
- Due to the limitations of the SDV character sprite sheets, you eat the recipes rather than smoke
- Now includes StarDOPE Valley with permission from taintedwheat

See MouseyPounds database!


- Latest version of Json Assets
- Latest version of SMAPI
- Latest version of SpaceCore

- Latest version of Producer Mod Framework (optional, for machines)
- Latest version of Artisan Valley + dependencies (optional, for machines)

Step 1. Install SMAPI, Json Assets, SpaceCore, Producer Framework Mod (optional), and Artisan Valley + its dependencies (optional).
Step 2. Download this mod and extract the zip file anywhere you would like. There are 2 files included in the download:

[JA] Cannabis Kit
[PFM] Cannabis Kit

Step 3. Drag & Drop the extracted folder(s) directly into the /Mods folder.

Step 1. Remove every existing item (crop, clothing, seeds, etc.) excluding items in shops & letters.
Step 2. Remove the corresponding folders.

Forgetting to remove existing items (especially in your inventory) can crash your game.
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Latest updates

  1. Minor Bug Fix

    Removes producerConfig as it isn't needed